My submission for the 5-Years-O-Bitsy jam 💙5️⃣✨. (Yes, I will count the emojis as part of its title XD)

Anyways, this game is rather odd and contains many references to other games that I enjoy. And maybe also my personal life.

It's very weird, and I won't be surprised if you don't understand anything in it (^^;

Since there are like trillions of themes in this jam, I won't list any specific ones I followed for this game. I'll just leave it to your interpretation ( ^^ )

Anyways, hopefully you will find it fun in some way. (There are three endings. Try to find them all!)

(If the game isn't responding to your input, then click on the game window to gain focus.)


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I'm really curious what games inspired this in particular! The Scarlet Devil interaction was... memorable


The games were Genshin and Touhou I just made this game since I like to do immature things once in a while (^^;