A downloadable game for Windows

Fruitshot is an arcade-style bullet hell game where you fight fruits and defeat them with your balls.

This was my submission for Game Off 2020 and was also one of the first ever games that I've uploaded to itch.io that uses Pygame :D

Hope you enjoy it!

Install instructions

When you download and extract the .zip file you may see some weird .dll or .py files. Just ignore these and look for the Fruitshot.exe file. Make sure that everything that comes with the .exe is in the same directory when you run it otherwise it won't work.

If you're wondering why those .dll and .py files are there, that's because I wasn't able to compress the game properly into one .exe file as my anti-virus would think that file was a virus and try to delete it ( ̄Д ̄;;

So I apologize for the minor inconvenience...


Fruitshot Windows.zip 26 MB

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